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From seed sprouting to final harvest and storage, our experienced cultivators will show you, step by step, how to plant, grow, and harvest your home-grown, high-grade marijuana. Join our cannabis growing classes in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday nights. We also sell all of the components you need to start growing now: medium, containers, lights, nutrients, and other equipment to help make your growing experience a huge success!

AZ420 College Benefits

Anyone can become an AZ420 member for a yearly renewable fee. Access to all educational materials, written by college teachers, including training, and plant training to get those maximum yields is included with your membership. Access to AZ420’s tools, including our Bubble Hash Washer, Rosin Press, Extractor, etc., is included and that will include instruction for a nominal training expense.
Training on how to make edibles: candies, breads, CBD tablets, sauces, and many other topics is also included with membership in our 200- and 300-level courses. The advanced level courses will be available to members for a small instructor and materials cost.
Classes on all the phases of marijuana growing are free to members and include 13 individual topics taught on Thursday nights over a three-month time period: seed propagation, setting up an indoor garden, cloning, producing your own female seeds, micro propagation, life stages of the cannabis plant, harvest, cannabinoid chemistry, etc. Starting in 2022 we will offer additional advanced classes on how to make your own strains, how to make RSO at home, along with many others. Members can also request at-home consultations with our professional cultivators for a reasonable, hourly charge.
We invite you to avail yourself of the vast wealth of knowledge attained by our staff of cultivators over years of study, practice, study and trial and error. We are here to ensure that you are profoundly successful in your first, and all subsequent, growing experiences!


For those that have questions about cannabis, we will provide you with all the answers. AZ420’s founder, Julius, was involved in Prop 203, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (2010), the second attempt Arizona Citizens made at legalizing cannabis for medical use.
AZ420 Recreational is committed to the proper and legal implementation of aspects of the recent Prop 207, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as the Smart and Safe Arizona Act (2020), and this will be reflected in our business practices. We are not a dispensary and AZ420 Recreational sells cannabis growing supplies, provides cannabis growing educational classes and provides growing support. We are not a licensed dispensary and do not sell products with THC, including THC edibles or tinctures, or cannabis plants, and/or seeds. We CAN teach you how to legally purchase seeds by mail and connect you with a growing number of cultivators who produce and provide clones in accordance with Prop 207. We can and will provide our members with contact information for a recently organized southern Arizona clone-bank.
We can and do sell at our store, an assortment of CBD products that have been proven effective and safe. From tinctures to salves to shampoos, we will have in stock many items that are extremely helpful for many times of ailments and conditions and, of course, for general health and well-being.
In The AZ420 College, classes are taught with multimedia and detailed information by trained instructors who have thoroughly researched each topic. We are dedicated to answering any and all questions from our members on any aspect of their cannabis project. The first Marijuana Cultivators College in Arizona will provide on-line support to members as well.

Topics Covered in AZ420 Colleges Classes:

  • Starting from Seed and Caring for Seedlings
  • Setting Up an Indoor Cannabis Garden: Components Needed and Practical Advice
  • Caring for Newly Acquired Clones and Creating Feminized Seeds and New Strains
  • Progressing Your Plants Through Their Entire Adult Stage
  • Flowering Phase of Cannabis Plants and Harvesting for Maximum Potency
  • Medical Marijuana Uses and Applications
  • Cannabinoid Chemistry and Terpenes
  • The Science of Lights and LED Technology
Available at the Shop
  • What growing components are the best?
  • We have lights in stock that produce 1.5 to 2 grams a watt. The best nutrients at the best price – we have them available.
  • Local custom-designed soils and other media components.
  • Fans, filters, hygrometers, timers. All the best gadgets!
  • Have you always dreamed of growing that most beautiful BUD?
  • We can teach you how to grow it. We can set you up to be successful first time out!
  • On-line step by step videos will be available for AZ420 members.
  • All your questions about cannabis cultivation will be answered and, if necessary, for an hourly consultation fee we will provide in-home visits to assist and troubleshoot your project.
  • All members of AZ420 are dedicated to sharing clones and seeds at NO CHARGE!
  • Some of our members are even creating their own custom strains…
  • Please avail yourself of what we have to offer and support a new, local business devoted to YOU, the neighbor who chose to cultivate.

The Culture, the Medicine

We can show you patent after patent applied for and granted to companies and government agencies that proposed scientific treatments using this amazing medicine. A medicine that, according to many currently registered patents, cures cancers of all types. Childhood seizures are controlled or eliminated with cannabidiol (CBD). Easing the withdrawal symptoms from opioid addiction, relieving symptoms associated with ALS, depression, insomnia… The list goes on and on.
We can show you how to make and use this wonder medicine for prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, as flower, extract or tincture. The FDA has approved CBD tinctures for childhood seizures due to epilepsy, Leukemia, ADHD and other issues.
We can teach you how to make Rick Simpson Oil that was instrumental in healing patients from malignant tumors. Whether you are using cannabis and CBD products to treat illness or just for overall health and well-being, we can help you on your journey to knowledge and practical success in cultivation for yourself, your family member, friends and neighbors.

CALL to SIGN UP NOW for our Marijuana Growing Classes in Tucson, Arizona: 520-420-8506
You may also text us, send us an e-mail or just show up at the shop and say, well… “High!”

And come visit us on any Thursday night at 7:30 to meet us and to attend one of our weekly classes. We will do our best to welcome you and set you on a path to prosperous, fruitful agronomy.